About Horseshoe Healthcare

Telehealth Visits for Medical Weight Loss, Mental Health, ADD Testing, Addiction, & Urgent Care provided nationwide

Doctor with a tablet

Horseshoe Healthcare is a telehealthcare practice dedicated to delivering the very best care to people nationwide. The practitioners at Horseshoe Healthcare love working closely with patients to enhance and maintain optimal health and wellness. 

Preventive health is a cornerstone of Horseshoe Healthcare. Telehealth exams and questionaires, lab testing, medication prescribing and lifestyle enhancements give patients the information and guidance needed to boost their quality of life. 

Women’s health and men’s health services focus on addressing the specific needs of each sex.  

When unexpected injuries or illnesses occur, Horseshoe Healthcare patients have access to outstanding urgent care services. Same-day telehealth visits are usually available, helping patients feel better as quickly as possible.   

To schedule an appointment with the team, use our easy online scheduling platform.